Interview in the Project Management Institute’s ‘PM Network’ magazine – July 2010

PM Network, the magazine of the Project Management Institute, recently got in touch with our PR company about interviewing me for their monthly print / online magazine. The resulting interview can be read on the PM Network website here or as an image here.

It was an interesting thing to do. I’ve read PM Network for many years and it’s a well-written and professional publication with a global readership. It also seems to be full of people with very nice suits who have their photos taken in front of huge glass buildings and do things like build skyscrapers and dams. I don’t (though my suit is very nice because I don’t wear it very often…). Surely we just build websites and stuff, it’s not the same league?

After a cup of coffee and some head scratching though I realised that the world we work in is really as alien to skyscraper building PMs as theirs is to me. They work in worlds of project offices, rigid processes and multi-year projects. We work in a world of incredible change, rapid turnaround and continually evolving technology. I’m not saying I could build a skyscraper, but then maybe they couldn’t deliver a website in four weeks if the client really needed it….

I shall continue reading PM Network and learning from my fellow engineers, I hope my article is similarly received

PM Network’ magazine - July 2010. Screen grap of the original article
‘PM Network’ magazine – July 2010